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Dear Survivor, Parent, Educator, Friend...

My name is Mindy and this is my story.

I'm typing this right now with one hand. When I was 4 months old, mom and dad left me with a babysitter. She was someone they trusted, but when I started crying she shook me until I was unconscious. She later said she didn't mean to do it. She said she didn't think she did it too hard. But I was a little baby and it was too late.
She called 911, but my brain was already bleeding. Doctors operated for five hours, and told my parents I'd be brain-dead.

But here I am... I'm a normal human being but the only thing is I can't use my right hand (among some other things). I've learned to do everything with my left hand.  I've adapted. I survived and I'm doing well. I'm alive and I'm so thankful.

A few years ago, I met a mother whose son had also been shaken by a caretaker. She told me how she'd felt alone. Her son was also partially paralyzed. Meeting me and seeing that I was doing OK made her happy. She took me to introduce her son. He was happy to meet "the lady who's like me."

My goal is to build more relationships like these.

Let's build a beautiful community.


Image by Hello I'm Nik
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