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Podcast: David's Cerebral Palsy and Fitness Channel

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In this episode of the Cerebral Palsy and Fitness Podcast I have Mindy Li, she is a banker that struggles with the diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome early on in life. She mentions this as the cause:

"When I was 4 months old, my mom and dad left me with a babysitter because they were both working and my brother had school. It was someone the family had trusted so they thought it was okay. That night, I was crying uncontrollably for some reason and she ignored me so I cried and cried and wouldn't stop while she was trying to do something. She she shook me like really hard. It wasn't hard to, I was just a little baby. She didn't mean to do it, and she didn't think she did it too hard, but I was unconscious. She called 911, and there was bleeding in my brain, a lot of it. I needed operated on if there was any chance I'd survive. The surgery was 5 hours and I survived. Even after the doctor prepared my parents and said I'd be paralyzed/brain dead at best with the surgery. I was officially diagnosed with Shaken baby Syndrome (SBS). But here I am. I'm a normal human being, doing normal human being things. The only thing that limits me is I can't use my right hand. There are nerves in my brain that died and it controlled the nerves in my hand. So I've learned to do everything with my left hand. I'm typing this right now with one hand. I've adapted. I survived and I'm doing well."

We also talked about our love/hate relationship of math and how she eventually overcame that obstacle. Her main focus in the future is to start a community support group for those with SBS and and her own Non- Profit.

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