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Podcast: Giants Amongst Us [PART ONE]

Real stories, told by real people.

[This is part 1 of an hour conversation]

Today, Mindy Li joins us to share her unique story and journey toward overcoming Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Shooken unconscious at 4 months old, Mindy suffered internal brain bleeding.

Her parents were told by the operating doctor there was a slim to none chance of her surviving, and if she did, she'd be brain dead.

Well, she's here with us, ALIVE and a proven testament to what faith in oneself and the support of loved ones can do for a person.Despite the brain damage and trauma, and being partly paralyzed with impaired vision, as well as other disabilities she's had to endure, Mindy is thankful, hopeful, and truly an UNBREAKABLE and UNSHAKEABLE spirit.

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